十月 08 13:33:10 <Evry> yup
十月 08 13:33:13 <JamesonLTai> great
十月 08 13:33:18 <JamesonLTai> mind filling him in on the details?
十月 08 13:33:23 <Evry> sure thing
十月 08 13:33:38 <Evry> So, I work for the t'jelle company
十月 08 13:33:53 <Evry> In this case, I'm acting as our chief government relations officer
十月 08 13:34:04 --> harrytsang (qwebirc@Rizon-B7A41F72.cable.mindspring.com) has joined #JamesonLTai
十月 08 13:34:06 <harrytsang> As a Patriot, and Average American! My name is Harry Tsang! I am humble and honor to accept the nomination to be the next Congressman from the Great State of Louisiana! 
十月 08 13:34:17 <harrytsang> thats will be my reply
十月 08 13:34:18 <JamesonLTai> damn it
十月 08 13:34:18 <JamesonLTai> .k
十月 08 13:34:18 <-- ShitStorm has kicked JamesonLTai from #JamesonLTai (Requested)
十月 08 13:34:19 --> JamesonLTai (~JamesonLT@Jameson.L.Tai) has joined #JamesonLTai
十月 08 13:34:19 <ShitStorm> [JamesonLTai] The [BLAHBLAHBLAH] to Asia, because if I said the word Ambassador I'd be blacklisted from government work... ^_^ (oh wait...shit...nickserv said it again)
十月 08 13:34:19 * ShitStorm sets mode +q #JamesonLTai JamesonLTai
十月 08 13:34:19 * ShitStorm gives channel operator status to JamesonLTai
十月 08 13:34:23 <JamesonLTai> .k harrytsang come back later
十月 08 13:34:23 <-- ShitStorm has kicked harrytsang from #JamesonLTai (come back later)
十月 08 13:34:25 <Evry> And, well, if you aren't aware, t'jelle runs a bank, and also a stock exchange, (ERX)
十月 08 13:34:48 <Evry> We here at t'jelle hear you are in need of some financial assistance
十月 08 13:34:51 <Evry> and are here to help
十月 08 13:35:30 <BillWilson|afk> great
十月 08 13:35:42 <Evry> Would you like me to continue into our available packages/options?
十月 08 13:35:48 <Evry> or do you have any question so far?
十月 08 13:36:28 <JamesonLTai> I'd like to know what these options are, but we'd need to carefully consider it
十月 08 13:36:57 <Evry> of course, you'd have all the time you need
十月 08 13:37:31 <Evry> alright, well, to start off, we offer a credit line
十月 08 13:37:49 <Evry> it'd basically be cash set aside for you free of charge, there if you need it
十月 08 13:38:08 <BillWilson|afk> But i heard that if eCina can't control the congress , they will attack taiwan
十月 08 13:38:14 <Evry> it can range from 500gold to 2k gold
十月 08 13:38:22 <BillWilson|afk> hmm
十月 08 13:38:33 <Evry> actually, I goofed
十月 08 13:38:36 <Evry> misread soemthing
十月 08 13:38:57 <Evry> there is a 20g monthly fee for maintaining to credit line, however, you don't pay interest on it, until you need it
十月 08 13:39:02 <Evry> it's like a safety net
十月 08 13:39:58 <Evry> Next Option:
十月 08 13:40:05 <Evry> Bond Issuance
十月 08 13:40:37 <Evry> t'jelle can help you guys open a corporation on the ERX exchange, and provide guidance as to how best to raise funds via bonds
十月 08 13:41:06 <Evry> It is unwise for start-up countries to issue bonds themselves due to the lack of funds available, and lack of citizens to draw from
十月 08 13:41:28 <Evry> However, opening up on ERX allows you to draw from a significantly larger investor base
十月 08 13:41:45 <Evry> There is NO fee for the guidance
十月 08 13:41:58 <Evry> the only applicable fees would be the ones on ERX, which are nominal
十月 08 13:42:21 <Evry> We would be able to provide guidance as to every part of the process and walk you through it step by step
十月 08 13:42:44 <Evry> Next Option:
十月 08 13:42:52 <Evry> Human Capital Strategy
十月 08 13:43:31 <Evry> t'jelle is a corporation with it's proverbial ear to the financial ground. We know how the eRep economies work, and we also know of other people who know how it works
十月 08 13:44:27 <Evry> this option includes t'jelle going out and looking for financial talent to help you guys develop your country into a prospering nation
十月 08 13:44:38 --> Sadanaga (qwebirc@C9ECC3D.67EC61C6.C8D72F97.IP) has joined #JamesonLTai
十月 08 13:44:48 <Evry> We'd basically act as a head-hunter with this option
十月 08 13:44:54 * Evry pokes JamesonLTai
十月 08 13:44:59 * Evry points at Sadanaga
十月 08 13:45:00 <Sadanaga> is it ok if im here?
十月 08 13:45:05 <Sadanaga> or you want me to leave
十月 08 13:45:33 <Evry> I don't really care, up to JamesonLTai and BillWilson|afk
十月 08 13:45:43 <Sadanaga> ok ill leave
十月 08 13:45:45 <-- Sadanaga (qwebirc@C9ECC3D.67EC61C6.C8D72F97.IP) has left #JamesonLTai
十月 08 13:46:09 <Evry> Last option:
十月 08 13:46:16 <Evry> Financial Strategy
十月 08 13:46:51 <Evry> Basically, it's the same as above, however, t'jelle and our diverse staff of economists will be the hired help.
十月 08 13:47:20 <Evry> We'd help advise on currency pegs, taxes, the most efficient set of MPPs, Treasury/CBO policies, etc.
十月 08 13:47:31 <Evry> We'd obviously only be advising and not force you to take any action
十月 08 13:48:01 <Evry> Both the Human Capital Strategy and Financial strategy options have a variable fee depending on a variety of circumstances
十月 08 13:48:07 <Evry> so
十月 08 13:48:21 <Evry> now that I've described all these options, I know this is a big decision
十月 08 13:48:30 <Evry> Feel free to take as much time as necessary
十月 08 13:48:37 <BillWilson|afk> k
十月 08 13:49:01 <Evry> I will do my best to idle in #taiwan for the next few weeks (and likely beyond that). You can also find me in-game, citizen name: Evry
十月 08 13:49:39 <Evry> I, and the entire rest of the t'jelle staff look forward to hopefully helping Taiwan become a prosperous nation in the future.
十月 08 13:49:47 <Evry> Thank you for your time.
十月 08 13:49:52 <Evry> Any questions?
十月 08 13:50:24 <BillWilson|afk> no question now 
十月 08 13:50:35 <Evry> alright, let me know :)
十月 08 13:50:45 <Evry> I'll leave you two to talk now. ;)